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Distribution of seats

Admission to this College is made in Class-VIII through a competitive examination once a year. The classes start in 2nd week of April of the year of entry. A total of 93 cadets are inducted in every year. Quota system is followed, which is as under:-
S No Province/ Distt Quota Remarks
a. Distt Muzaffarabad 6  
b. Distt Neelum 3  
c. District Hattian Bala 3
d. Distt Bagh 4  
e. District Haveli 2  
f. Distt Poonch 6  
g. Distt Sudhnuti 6  
h. Distt Kotli 7  
i. Distt Mirpur 6  
j. Distt Bhimber 5  
k. Gilgit Baltistan 5 1 seat for each district.
l. Refugees 12 02 seats are reserved for the
students of occupied Kashmiries.
m. Open Merit 5  
n. Federal Area Islamabad 1  
o. Balochistan 2  
p. KPK + FATA 3  
q. Punjab 2  
r. Sindh 2  
t. Overseas  Pakistanis 2  
u. Overseas Kashmiris 5  
v. Self- Finance 3 Candidates have to pay a sum of Rs.3 lacs once at the time of Admission in addition to the normal fee and funds.
w. Indian Held (Open Merit) 03  
  Total 93