College Library  

Library is the collection of books and other informative material made available to people for reading, or references. The word ‘Library’ comes from Libber, the Latin for ‘books’ however library collections have always contained a variety of material.

The central mission of a library is to collect, organize, preserve and provide access to knowledge and information. Libraries preserve a valuable record of culture that can be passed down to succeeding generation. Libraries are the link in this communication between the past, present and future. Libraries provide people with access to the information they need to work, play, learn and govern.

Library is the place  form where the students as well as the teaching stafof can get books of their own interest. Libraries have always been considered as important source of knowledge in human history. The Muslims are the pioneers who established, organized and formed libraries. When others overcame them, the greatest treasure was that of the books present in these libraries. Those who came across these books used them and made wonderful progress in science and technology.

The cadet college Palandri established its library in 1998. The aim of the library is to provide information to the readers on different subject/ topics. The present collection of the library is about more than 5000 books and other reading materials.
The daily newspapers are also a major source of information. The readers are provided with English and Urdu newspapers. More than one hundred readers are accommodated at a time. Every necessary facility is available in the library.

The present arrangement is not sufficient for the readers; however, a plan is under consideration to increase the reading materials and to provide comfortable, sophisticated and attractive furniture.
At present the library is situated at the upper portion of the Admin Block but in future a  separate building for library is also in pipeline.