Medical Center

The College Medical Centre has a ward for the Cadets. The College Resident Medical Officer (MBBS), Who is assisted by the other medical staff, runs it. All minor ailments are treated at the Medical Centre but specialized treatment and in case of serious illness/and injury, the patients are referred to district hospital Palandri, CMH and MH Rawalpindi or general hospital according to the entitlement of the cadets' parents. Medical Charges etc, if any, on medical treatment out side the college are charged to the cadets. To immunize against epidemics , vaccination , and inoculation are carried out periodically . Cadets are weighed, measured and medically checked up periodically and proper health record is maintained.

Cadet Mess
There are two dinning halls in the Cadet Mess. The Mess is run under the supervision of a Messing Officer, caterer and assistant caterer. Cadets are also associated with the management of the Mess. One representative from each class is the member of the Mess Committee which meets regularly to draw the menu and ways and means of improving the messing standard. The Mess Committee is presided over by the principal. Meals include breakfast, Tea Break, Lunch and dinner. These meals are wholesome and balanced. There is no provision for extra messing. Sick cadets are supplied the food prescribed by the medical officer.

Ghazi-e-Millat Auditorium
Cadet College Palandri owns a spacious multi-purpose auditorium. Sitting capacity of the auditorium is about 600. It is used for morning assemblies, in which cadets give presentations on multi-media on various topics. On weekends, cadets watch movies in the auditorium. Different functions and programs of the College are celebrated and held in the Ghazi-e-Millat auditorium.

The essentials of religion are taught at the College. Islamiyat is a compulsory subject. The prayers in the College Mosque supplement the religious education in the classroom. Observance of fast in the month of Ramzan and holding of functions on the days of religious significance are also practiced. In addition, the morning assembly begins with the recitation of the Verses from the Holy Quran followed by their translation.

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