Parents are welcome to discuss the progress of their children with the Principal with prior appointment on telephone. They can, however, always send their suggestions in writing.

All visitors should meet the Principal in accordance with prior scheduled appointment. Parents/ Guardians shall arrange appointment through PA to Principal.

The visitors will be conducted to the office and will be allowed entry on a chit of information to the Principal. The PA to Principal will keep an appointment schedule.

In case the parents visiting their son/ ward, the vehicle will be parked in the parking area, and son/ ward will be called to reception/ visitors’ lobby. Where the visiting parents/ guardians would meet their son/ ward.
Parents are advised to visit the College Authorities during working hours only i.e. 0900 hours to 1500 hours on working days, for official business.
The Parents/ Guardians can visit their sons/ ward only on the Sundays specified for visiting in the college Calendar on the following timings:-
      (1) From 0900 to 18000 hours.
      (2) From 0900 to 1630 hours.